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Fresh Organic Produce in Redding

Great Selection of Organic Produce

Certified organic produce abounds in our produce department, along with local produce from Shasta County and surrounding areas whenever available.  All produce is watered with clean purified water only.

Spring Produce: 


BroccoLeaf is the new Foxy Produce Organic SuperGreen!
With all the wonderful nutrients of broccoli, the BroccoLeaf (short for broccoli leaves) provides even more versatility
and vibrancy to your food.
For years, broccoli leaves have been considered a crown jewel of soil nutrition

for its nutrients and cleansing properties. It turns out that what’s good for the earth is good for the body as it’s also a magical delicious power food veggie.
Through happy accident, we believe we have discovered the next big trend in produce and it’s a non-GMO ORGANIC vegetable US farmers have been growing in their own backyards for decades. The BroccoLeaf promotes consumption of the whole vegetable and reduces food waste while creating a new vegetable category.
BroccoLeaf is An Excellent Source of Calcium,
 Vitamin A,  And Delivers an adult
daily dose of Vitamin C.



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