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Question: I need help finding something that my 8 year old can use to help calm him and balance his moods.

Answer: We have lots of choices. Here are just a few items: Solaray makes a product called Focus. It’s a chewable and has 60 per bottle. They also make Calm, which is a powder. You just mix it with water or juice. We also carry a product by MRM that is called Attention and come in 90 tabs. Then we have several different brands of Fish oil gummies. When you come into the store, a vitamin person can show you the section these items are in.

Question: Do you carry green coffee bean extract?

Answer: We sure do! We have several brands.

Question: My husband has psoriasis and has tried everything. Do you carry any product that is good for Psoriasis? Thank you for you time.

Answer: Some folks have good luck taking digestive enzymes, Borage oil and using PsoriaFlora topical cream, but there is no one treatment that fits all, so to speak. We knew someone that would suffer most of the winter with psoriasis on his knees. When summer came, he would wear shorts and get out in the sun and it would go away.

Question: Do you wash your organic produce with tap water?

Answer: We wash all of our produce in pure, clean filtered water.

Question: Do you carry any gluten free products?

Answer: Yes we do! Our bakery bakes fresh gluten free bread, cookies and muffins and we have a really large selection of baking mixes, noodles, tortillas, and a host of other products.

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