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My name is Nicole Anderson I began making food at home years ago because of my daughter’s allergies to wheat, dairy and sugar.  If a product doesn’t have one of these allergens, it usually has the other, so my options of what I could buy in a store were close to none.   Being a mother of a child with autism, I realized first-hand the effects that these foods would have on my daughter’s well being.  I made it my mission to research nutrition and food and the impact it has on the body.  After seeing dramatic changes in my daughter as a result of a clean diet, I became passionate about creating foods that everyone I know can enjoy and benefit from.
Elemental Superfood Seedbars have no additives, no preservatives, no fillers and nothing artificial.  They are made with the highest quality ingredients that are organic and pesticide free, raw, gluten free & dairy free.  These bars are high in protein and fiber, loaded with omega-3s and omega-6s and sweetened with the highest quality raw honey. 

*Find in our refrigerated section at Orchard Nutrition Center.






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Sprout®, The Original Little Sprout®, and D’organiques Original Sprout® in 2003. The name Sprout was inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya in 2002. Inga was born in Germany and grew up in Montecito, California. Her love of nature, art and architecture led to a successful career as a Master Stylist. Wanting to be a full time mom led her to selling her salons & spas and moving to the country, where she lives creating safe professional products for families worldwide.


Our founder delighted in her newborn daughter’s thick hair. Wanting to use the safest bath products led to her trying natural baby shampoos. To her surprise, all the shampoos wreaked havoc to her daughter’s hair and sensitive skin. To remedy the problem Inga created the first of it’s kind, ultra moisturizing natural baby bath & styling products. The benefits of being a master stylist with professional experience & a mother with real life experience culminated into Original Sprout, a globally trusted natural family brand.

Original Sprout’s natural hair styling products help improve hair health and are ideal for all hair types. Our Free & Clean formulas contain soothing emollients & ORGANIC BOTANICALS to smooth frizzies, tame flyaways & support curls softly. Our leave-in treatments restore moisture and help protect hair from UV damage and dryness.