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Blue Hill
                                         The First Savory Yogurts

We call our yogurts “savory”, though they’re sweet, too.  Available in new, unexpected flavors – like Carrot, Tomato, and Beet – they are vibrantly colored, naturally nutritious, and udder-ly delicious.

The main way to eat Blue Hill Yogurt is as you would any yogurt – on its own, or with a range of your own mix-ins.  But Blue Hill Yogurt can also enhance a meal – for instance, adding Blue Hill Beet Yogurt to a baked potato or the Squash Yogurt to curried chickpeas – or become an ingredient in your next home-cooked dish, whether a simple salad dressing or a restaurant-quality entrée. 

  100% Grass-Fed Cows Blue Hill Yogurt is “all grass, all the time” – it’s made only with milk from 100% grass-fed cows, from small, family-owned farms in the Northeast (including our own farm in the Berkshire Hills, so that every Blue Hill Yogurt has a bit of Blue Hill Farm in it).

The quest for the perfect potato chip started over 12 years ago with just a single fryer and an insatiable desire to make the very best chip out there. We’re pretty picky about what goes into our chips and that’s why we make our chips with ingredients that are free from GMOs, trans fat, gluten and cholesterol.

Our unwavering desire to make a chip with the finest and freshest ingredients means that every bag of Hardbite Chips comes dressed in aromatic, natural seasonings.  To this day, we carefully hand cook our chips in small batches which give Hardbite an unbeatable crunch.



Pacific Culture is a purveyor of raw fermented foods.  By utilizing age-old techniques, borrowing from diverse culinary traditions, and carefully harnessing the activity of local microflora, Pacific Culture aims to create products that are greater than the sum of their raw ingredients. Indeed, raw fermented foods are not only much more stable than their fresh counterparts, but they are often more healthy as well.  Inadvertently, the complexity in flavor that is achieved when fermenting foods has seen its develop from a technique that has helped cultures sustain themselves over the millennia to what has become the focal point of many culinary traditions-from the making of bread, cheese, beer, and wine to sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles of all kinds.
It was 2009 that I caught the sourdough bug. I was studying at USC at the time and my eyes were opened to the wonders of wild fermented pizza dough. My fascination with the process of fermentation quickly expanded and it wasn’t long before I was raiding the farmers market in Los Feliz of nearly all their pickling cucumbers and was trying my hand at classic sour pickles for the first time.

My interest in fermentation has been sustained by not only the dazzling opportunities of complex flavors and the strong health benefits of probiotic food, but by the environmental and economic implications of creating live-fermented foods as well. Fermention is first and foremost about preservation and by aspiring to preserve a diverse range of plants and vegetables, I hope to make eating seasonally appropriate food that much easier and enjoyable.  

I am excited to share what Pacific Culture has bubbling away- please stay tuned.


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